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Edel Blumberg was born in April 1956 in Pikesville Maryland where I also grew up. Edel has been my oldest closest friend now for over 40 years. I met him just at the time when we both entered manhood at the age of our Bar Mitzvahs. I have shared with him Jr., high school and the college years. We both learned how to drive at the same time went to the same parties and sang the same songs. We were in each of our wedding parties, shared our daughters Bat Mitzvahs and were Pall bearers at our parent’s funerals.

In my business I get to know many, many people. In my life I know no one like Edel Blumberg. He is fanatical about the meaning and value of a close friend having a profound appreciation for friendship. He has a tremendous memory for events and experiences which he shared with me and other close friends. His heart is gigantic. He is empathic, kind and steps out of his comfort zone to help others particularly his friends.

In junior and high school he had an infectious laugh and a passion for life. In college and thereafter he learned how to regroup himself in tough times and learned to feel the gratitude of what God had handed him. He is a great competitor like few others. This is evident from the basketball court to the business world.

He has a tremendous drive for survival enduring two malignancies in his wife and two malignancies in his own life. He has endured incredible intense treatment interventions never giving up or giving in to his circumstances. His ideas, his dreams, his fire seems never to be quenched. Edel strives to help others by creating fundraisers in the name of our fallen friends. He is a master in his ability to organize. His energy and efforts can only be described as awesome. I’m proud to be one of his close friends.

Dr. Gerald Plovsky M.D. - Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry

Edel Blumberg has been a volunteer with the American Cancer Society for over a year. Within this year Edel has been extremely vital to the Mission of the American Cancer Society. Edel is always willing to go out into the community and share his story of survivorship with others. By sharing his story, Edel is encouraging many individuals to maintain good nutritional and physical balance in their lives and to start and continue routine screening for colon cancer. Edel is a natural communicator and exhibits compassion and understanding for those that he meets in the community.

Edel has appeared on Morgan State University’s radio station and Charlestown Retirement Community’s TV show. Edel has helped in the training of new volunteers for our Speakers Bureau and plays an integral role in the planning and implementation of our Recovery Coaches, peer to peer support program, which includes direct support to patients battling colon caner.

It has truly been a pleasure working with Edel on these initiatives and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Alison Ressler, LGSW - Mission Delivery Manager, South Atlantic Division, American Cancer Society

Edel is a passionate speaker that talks from deep in the heart about his life story. He brings forth many messages in a witty, sincere and compassionate manner based on his “walking the walk”. Edel delivers his heavy message about colon cancer daily and has made this his passion in life. Even though this message is a very strong and serious one for all, Edel is the Larry David of speakers and has his audiences captured with his witty manner about his unfortunate true life experiences. It is great to know a person with such a great attitude and to be able to call Edel, my friend.

Alan J. Summerfield, CPCU - Vice President, Insurance, Inc.

Edel Blumberg has become a crusader. He is the epitome of “making lemonade out of lemons.” I have known Edel for over thirty-five years and he is always upbeat and carefree. He never let on how much he endured through his adolescence and adult life. Fortunately, he realized he had a calling. Crohn’s Disease was no longer his embarrassment, but became his crusade. Having created a charitable foundation whose purpose is to educate others so no one will ever suffer as he did, Edel is a proven altruistic and courageous leader. I have heard Edel tell his life story and his oratory skills are inspiring, making me, as a Pediatrician, more empathetic to my patients who are living a similar experience. Often doctors don’t ask about or address the range of emotions of their patients who are living with a chronic illness. It is my hope that his story will inspire those with any debilitating illness, their loved ones and their professional caretakers.”

Jonathan E. Surell, MD